Mikkel Carl
R.I.P. curl
07.03.14 - 04.04.14
Henningsen Gallery

Henningsen GALLERY is pleased to present R.I.P. curl by Mikkel Carl (DK).

The exhibition consists of a new series of paintings on titanium – a metal with the unequalled quality to permanently change color when exposed to sulphuric acid while connected within a fixed voltage electric circuit. In a chemical process called ‘anodizing’, this builds a layer of microscopic crystals on the surface of the titanium plates, which then in turn refracts the light. The higher voltage, the thicker the layer of crystals grows, and thus the further along the color spectrum the light will travel: Brown, purple, blue, yellow, red, green, white.

Exercising a number of different soaking, masking and application techniques while also using existing scratches and marks on the surface Mikkel Carl explores this unique opportunity to make brightly colored paintings entirely without the use of pigment.

This time the result is a series of abstract seascapes; sea, sand, sky, sun. The paintings will be presented alongside their basic means of production: An inflatable swimming pool wired to a 168 DC–Voltage power supply and filled with diluted top up car battery acid.