Oliver Laric
17.01.14 - 28.02.14
Henningsen Gallery

In Oliver Larics on-going video project Versions, the idea of an ‘original’ image is put under scrutiny. New versions of the same image of which we no longer know the original, new versions of the copy of the image of which we have not even a vague idea whether there was ever an original. The digital production and re-production of the same image time and time again challenges our perception of an existing original image. Was there ever one?

Versions is not just a video, in Laric’s own words it is “a series of sculptures, airbrushed images of missiles, a talk, a PDF, a song, a novel, a recipe, a play, a dance routine, a feature film and merchandise.” It is a series of copies echoing the historical and contemporary circulation of images. What version is real? And does it matter?

Oliver Laric was born in 1981 in Austria. He studied at the Universität für angewendte Kunst Wien. Today, he lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo projects include: Versions at MIT List Visual Arts Center, CAS Annual Award at Lincoln Museum, Art Statements Solo presentation at Art|43|Basel, Kopienkritik at Skulpturhalle Basel, Frieze Projects at Frieze Art Fair 2011.

Versions, 2010 
Single channel HD video Edition of 5
(click to watch) 

Versions, 2012 
Single channel HD video Edition of 5
(click to watch) 

(Courtesy SEVENTEEN Gallery and Tanya Leighton Gallery)