Mathias & Mathias
Tale to Tale
KBH Kunsthal, Krabbesholm
December 8th, 2013 - January 16th, 2014

Tale to Tale is one more of Mathias & Mathias’ satyr plays. The stage is set, a path is laid out. This a scene with a herma and a young man whose nakedness has intervened with his face paint. His moles have tribalized into tattoos - a kind family pattern. We call him the drawing.

In the ancient world, milestones depicting the god Hermes were found at crossroads and borders. Usually, only with the face and head carved out while the body was left for further processing. The herma was typically ornamented by a phallus pointing skyward.

Our drawing trudges down a path somewhere in antiquity. The drawing meets the Herma that stand in the gap where the road splits. Since he had no other place to start and to expose the choice of direction he asks the herma: where are you from?

The herma looks back at him.

The drawing asks again, where are you from? Where are you from?!

With still no response,  the tactless herma has to pay. Full of contempt he tilts the herma, outraged that the divine pragmatics doesn’t dignify him an answer.


The drawing looks down on the herma, now on the stomach, and he begins to laugh. The phallus on the hermaen is pressed against the ground and makes the herma lay uneven and wavering with his nose pressed flat against the stone surface, he laughs to himself. Had he just looked down, he would have noticed that he was gone. Instead, he looks out, he looks around and sees himself among all the retired icons that are all worn out.