Michael Bevilacqua

Slo Futur
Last Resort
August 26th - October 8th, 2016
*Extended to October 29th, 2016

Opening Friday, August 26th, 5 - 8 p.m. 

Last Resort is honored to present 'Slo Futur', our fourth exhibition with Michael Bevilacqua (b. 1966, US).
The exhibition will present a new body of work, layering elements of pop culture, from music to iPhones; surveillance to selfies; immortality through Instagram to digital deletion.

Below you will find a presentation of the exhibition in the artist's own words.

Welcome at the opening,

Peter & Andreas

Dear Plastic Innevotibkes

Hope all is well within your pods and out of them. 

The title for the exhibition is " Slo Futur" it is taken (slightly altered)from the French Electronica band Zombie Zombie ...  Your exhibition is a continuation of the exhibit at Galerie Pact in Paris "Spies in the Wire".

We were promised space travel and jet packs what we got was a ... Slo Futur

Some years ago I had an e hi idiot ... Titled "High Speed Gardening" or Hi... In the garden

We love our i Phonies and our I Pads...  And the Instagasm. Within these parameters is where these new paintings have evolved. The digital works are made on my devices, downloaded, manipulated and then Derezzd in photoshop, printed and then used as
The actual canvas to paint on. 

So many processes. The idea of erasure. A visual diary of how are mind works in
A brave new world of stimuli. 

A land for renegades in psychic harmonia

R a. D   <I> o.  A. _m  ~N  (e). S I  @

Photos by Storm Holck Olrik