Mathias & Mathias
Sticky People
June 1st – June 30th, 2017
Last Resort

Sticky People 

At the lampshop

I find myself in a fit of pragmatic anxiety and begin my walk to the lampshop. Past the high rises, the playing children and the little lake with the ducks and their ducklings 

And I went shopping for a new lamp... »Can I help you, sir?« The store clerk was friendly. I replied her to best of my ability »I like the look of that one but I think it would cost me bundle« I turned the lamp holding with my one arm stretched to better judge it from a distance. I returned to her saying: »This has less aura but is not without it’s fair share of charm. While this would work well in most households.There are qualities to each of them. I mean they would probably loose the most obvious timelessness after a while I guess. I guess as one would expect« I continued. She told me she was very much in tune with my reasoning and nodded eagerly. 

The store was full of people who were also looking for a lamp to suit their habitat. Old women, fat men and young couples. All deeply concentrated.  

I must try and rekindle my intuition and trick myself into making the fast and right choice. The first … (pause). (He turns his head away, and swiftly cast his gaze back to the lamps). Now the clerk wanders off talking some about closing time. I try and stop her as she proceeds towards her desk. I yell: »I find it disturbing that so many people are looking for lamps in broad daylight!« She doesn’t seem to hear me. I sigh and carry on my work. This might be more of a reading lamp? Which would cast the most appropriate light? I mean this colour must reflect the light in an unpleasant way.

I sit down and make myself comfortable, move them all in a bit closer to the chair and me. There we go, now I feel it. I don’t think any of these are quite right. Let memove some more lamps over here. Does this lamp come with a bulb? I ask myself while looking for the store clerk.     

All images by Carl Holck ©