Magni Borgehed

13 true stories.
Last Resort
June 11th - August 20th, 2016
(July 5th to August 15th by appointment)

Opening June 11th, 1 - 4 p.m. 

Dear Andreas and Peter,

I left my studio in August last year and I´m back just now. You have 12 paintings rolled up in your gallery that I sent with Fedex, though one might not be good enough. Anyway, there is a brown oil wax painting that I hope hasn’t smeared off onto the other ones (it´s a bit like the coats you like to wear Andreas). There is a beautiful water painting on blue silk that is bit spiritual and weird, a salmon colored patterned one that reminds me of an old pillow case I once had; a black screen printed thing that I got from a friend and then painted a black tree on; a fast-momentum-action-with-ink-on-wet-glue one that turned out really good. I tried to redo it on a new canvas, but as always it failed—anyway this is good. The failure had several faces and finally after many layers something came out that reminds me of a Paul Klee but not at the same time, and that’s something I have always considered to be a really good thing. Just after this painting I bought a Polish book on art history, I became fond of a few early stone sculptures and felt that I had to paint at least one of them, and yep there it is with an expressive background just to be sure. Oh ja, the red denim one I bleached and repainted with red ink and baby oil, feels like a reference to something from Germany in 2007 or Modernism in the Nineties; and there is the one on grey fabric with a few stroke gestures too. The worst or the best might be the yellow-greenish hippie painting, that is a mystery choice but really striking and my friends favorite; the last one is painted on fine linen with layers of different mediums and silk paint that I got from a special craft store in Vancouver - it looks a bit like that famous prehistoric golden goat, somehow. In front of me right now is a red brown silk painting that I finished in Kate’s parents backyard in Perth - it´s a bird. I hope you´ll like the paintings and that we can have a sip of that delicious natural red wine again. See you soon!


p.s. The one pictured above didn’t make it back, it resides in the bush somewhere in the mountain ranges North East of Melbourne.

Photo from Australia (above) by Magni Borgehed
All other images by Carl Holck