Still from: Kaweh Modiri, Bodkin Ras, 2014 16:9, 7.50 min, Language: English, Edition of 3 + 2AP

Still from:
Kaweh Modiri, Bodkin Ras, 2014
16:9, 7.50 min, Language: English, Edition of 3 + 2AP

Kaweh Modiri
22.03.14 – 09.04.14
Peter Amby Gallery

Opening Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 2-4

It is a great honor for us to present our first exhibition with the Dutch/Iranian video-artist and film-maker, Kaweh Modiri. The exhibition will present two of his latest works, ‘Bodkin Ras’ and ‘My Burglar and I’.

The people in Forres don’t work. Between ten and five they dissolve into the mist, after which they head like wrinkled shadows towards the pubs, where the light always shines as a warm glow in their midst.

The story takes place in a small town on the north coast of Scotland. This is where Red James and Lily, the initial protagonists of the documentary, live. Lily is an eighteen-year-old girl. With her parents she moved from London to this far corner of Europe. She doesn’t identify with the rough way of life in this place and dreams of the day she can move away.

Then the fictional character Bodkin Ras, a stranger, arrives in Forres. He came to this remote corner of Europe to hide and lay low. This turns out to be impossible in a little town where rumors spread faster than the plague. People watch him vigilantly.

Kaweh Modiri’s films contain actions accompanied by a literary narrative. The written script is partly developed during the working process, thus enabling an interaction between coincidence and authorship, control and irreversibility. Themes like privacy, morality and cultural identity are pivotal to his work.

After researching on shooting material for Bodkin Ras over a period of 2 years, he decided to turn it in to a feature film. The scenes are only directed to a certain extent. The feature film is expected to release at the end of 2014.

His graduation film "My burglar and I" is a true story about an artist who stalks his burglar over a period of a year and proclaims him to be the protagonist of his new film. The film premièred during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 and was awarded the René Coelho Award from the Dutch Institute for Media Art.

In April 2012 he published his debut novel "Mr. Sadek and Others" at publishing house Thomas Rap. The novel was nominated on the for the Academica Literature Award. Currently he is in the post-production stage of his feature film “Bodkin Ras” which is set for a release end 2014. In 2015 his second novel “Mitra” is expected.

Kaweh Modiri (b. 1982) is a Dutch filmmaker and writer of Iranian descent. In 2010 he graduated from the Image & Language Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.