Gun Gordillo

'in light'
Last Resort
February 20th - March 18th, 2016

This show involves light and form.

An electromagnetic radiation of particles visible to the human eye. Tonic to the sense of sight and bringer of clarity. With it, its creator gives her art an almost poetic character charged with a peculiar energy. An energy that lies in a painterly and poetic gesture bent in neon.

Defined spatial drawings of light in mid air. Illuminated lines that curls in an irregular but conscious way.
A clear relationship between space and form. One in blue. One in red. Defining themselves and the space around them.

Neon is normally associated with urban environments. A sign for something to be traded.
A noble colourless gas that oddly creates colourful artfully sculptured light when it appears in high-voltage discharge tubes. Gun Gordillo shows us its counterpart. A force of light that she insists on having present in her installations, sculptures, and paintings. An un removable continuous element in her work that both isolates and emphasizes the form. It’s a contained flow of her own personalized rhythm. The weightless neon offers us the artist’s identity as a distinct sculptural line. Clear in its light are left to be discovered all the resistance to the neon. Forms created in and so dependent of its material. Wood, lead, acrylic, and plexiglass.

Gun Gordillo has been consistent in the choice of light as her medium for almost forty years.
Patiently she has taken command of the light’s technical aspects, and its concretely manifested image world is conditional to the limitless exploration of its scope.

Her light is an intuitive exploration leading to our increasingly complicated view of reality.   

We are revealed… in light.