Annabelle Arlie (FR), Korakrit Arunanondchai (TH), Mikkel Carl (DK), Kah Bee Chow (MY/NZ), Joshua Citarella (US), James Clarkson (UK), Uffe Isolotto (DK), Christian Jeppsson (SE), Bunny Rogers (US), Ilya Smirnov (RU), Brad Troemel (US), Just Quist (NL), Artie Vierkant (US)

07.03.2014 - 04.04.2014
Henningsen Gallery 

Curated by Mikkel Carl 

Annabelle Arlie
Part of the installation Camion Paillette, 2013
Mixed media

Korakrit Arunanondchai
2556 (trailer), 2013
Video 0:42

Mikkel Carl
Glorious Bastard, 2013
Double Bed by Donald Judd, gaffa tape

Kah Bee Chow[2]
Notes from the Kurdish Broadcasting Channel (pdf), 2013
Inkjet print on A4 paper

Joshua Citarella[3]
Intersecting Values of Hue and Brightness, 2012
Adhesive Pigment Print

James Clarkson[4]
Circular Motif With Two Hanging Forms (Umbrella re-work), 2014
Customized toilet light, umbrella, anodised aluminium, flex, elastic

Uffe Isolotto
The Poster Boy for a New Generation, 2013
Inkjet print on satin

Christian Jeppsson[5]
Michelin 18/ 56-14” S2B/S4B Radial Slicks
Younger futhark rune alphabet, staveless runes (rune stenography)

Bunny Rogers[6]
Untitled  (from the series Pones), 2011
Framed photograph

Ilya Smirnov[7]
Backgrounds for D+M's Knock-off 1-2, 2012
Two-screen video

 Brad Troemel[8]
The Screwball Asses, Guy Hocquenghem, 2009 and AOCS (American Open Currency Standard) .999 Fine Cobber Trade Tokin, 2014
Vacuum sealed Semiotext(e) book with alternative currency

This Is Not a Program, Tiqqun, 2011 and AOCS (American Open Currency Standard) .999 Fine Cobber Trade Tokin, 2014
Vacuum sealed Semiotext(e) book with alternative currency

Just Quist[9]
Untitled, 2013
Hammer paint, expanded metal

Artie Vierkant[10]
Installation views 2010-2012, 2014 (2012) 
Adhesive vinyl lettering


[1] A reinstallation of works revealing stuff that wasn’t evident the first time they were shown (full disclosure) or maybe – vis-à-vis this particular situation – indulging in deadpan, new readings (fool).

[2] http://kahbeechow.com/files/penguinsinthenorthernhemisphere.pdf

[3] Previously shown next to a glass door perhaps alluding to a sunbeam on the wall, it now hints at a non-existing skylight window.

[4] A reconfiguration of a work previously included in the solo show A Chance Encounter Between an Umbrella and a Sewing Machine, which was in itself a reconfiguration of old works.

[5] With the yellow road lines marking the paved floor in this former underground storage facility, I just couldn’t help my self.

[6] Pones is an ongoing series in which Filip Olszewski takes photos of Bunny Rogers "poning" in various settings: http://meryn.ru/portfolia/pones/

[7] Video backgrounds from Dora Budor & Maja Cule’s Knock-off 1-2, where MMA fighters stage various fights in front of a green screen.

[8] Until recently Brad Troemel offered various items for sale on BSTJ Etsy – but not anymore.

[9] Addressing the “flooded basement”-like situation, in which I first encountered the work, simply by using the on-site tap, water hose and floor drain as part of the installation.

[10] Tweet from: Possible Objects @VIERKANTPROP 22. jun. 2012